Nothing ever stays the same. My life has done a complete 360 in the last two months. All good things and all positive things, but many balls...


Nothing ever stays the same. My life has done a complete 360 in the last two months. All good things and all positive things, but many balls to juggle at once. So many doors of opportunity have opened for me and my family and we have walked through everyone!

I am a strong believer the when you open yourself and declare to the Universe "I am ready to receive," you better be damn sure you are ready, because it will answer. Be careful what you wish just might get it! In less then two months we have sold our home of 8 years, I started a new business venture, and we are building a new house. I think that's enough to drive anyone mad. But I asked for it, and here it is!

Everything went well with selling our home, it was the staging, packing and moving that was the crazy part. The home we are building won't be ready for one month, so we are staying in a rental until then. So while we were moving stuff out of the sold house, I was still moving stuff in to paint and to stock for the next Sweet Salvage show. Needless to say, it all worked out. 

Which brings me to my second show at Sweet Salvage. It was just as exciting as the first, but more nerve wrecking. Now I knew what to expect and what was expected of me. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

The theme for lasts month's show was "Sweet Retreats," all about your favorite spaces to relax and be yourself.  My favorite place to relax, is anywhere outdoors. So I went for a cozy and classic black, white and wood theme, with hints of greens.

My favorite items that I found for the show, were these incredible vintage movie theater chairs. There were 6 total. They have fabulous metal hardware, folded in two separate places and each had patent numbers printed on them. 


These are the kinds of unique finds that I just live for! I actually had no knowledge of what type of chairs they were when I bought them, but I just fell in love with them. That is what I call a happy accident. 

I had them displayed on my wall like this for the opening day of the show. By the second day, they hadn't sold. Either the customers were crazy......or I was! These chairs were amazing! How did they not go right away? So I mixed it up a little. I stenciled and hand painted numbers 1-6 on them. I also took them off the wall and incorporated them around my friends/fellow vendors farmhouse dining table and they went like that! Once people could sit in them and feel how sturdy and comfortable they were they were sold. {I think the numbers my have helped too:)}

Doesn't my friends space look amazing! Ya'll, if you haven' been down to Sweet Salvage, the you are missing out. We have some of the most amazing and talented designers. Everyone has their own vibe and interpretation for the months theme and it is just a visual playground!!

Overall it was another great experience and I've decided to give a shot for the long haul. 

And just like that, we are to next month's theme, "Summer Lovin!"  Stay tuned......hopefully I'll get my next post out before the next show starts!

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