The Nesting Instinct refers to an instinct or urge in pregnant animals to prepare a home for the upcoming newborn(s). It is found in ...


The Nesting Instinct refers to an instinct or urge in pregnant animals to prepare a home for the upcoming newborn(s). It is found in a variety of animals (both mammals and birds) including humans. 

Preparing the nursery is something that can be both wonderful and daunting for new parents as well as seasoned parents. Since my husband and I are about 3 months away from welcoming our 2nd child, a new baby girl, we are right in the thick of it! I wanted to share with you a few tips that I use when designing a nursery that you may find helpful in designing yours. 
(These tips can actually work for any room you are looking to redo in your home!)


The first thing I look for when designing any room, especially the nursery is inspiration. This can be found anywhere, a piece of fabric, an object, nature, or a nursery rhyme. This inspiration will generally serve as your concept for the room. Think of things that make you happy or that you might like to pass on to your child to make them happy. My best advice is pick something that moves you and stick with it. Though it is not absolutely necessary to limit yourself to a single concept, this will help to narrow your selections, keep you focused and help to create a more unified and harmonious design! 
(NOTE: We are going to be going through a series of steps before you even begin doing anything to the room, so at the end if it doesn't end up looking like you want, you can always start over with your concept since no work has actually been done on the room!)

The inspiration I found for my baby girls nursery is this amazing hot air balloon fabric. I find it so whimsical, youthful and playful with out being too infantile.


Once you have selected your inspirational item or concept for the room, you can build an entire color scheme around it. Pull colors from your inspiration piece. You will notice primary and secondary colors that will be stronger or repeat themselves more often in your inspiration items. Use those to pull from for your color pallet. As you can see my inspiration item has a cream and grey color scheme, grey being the dominate color. 
Just as accessorizing looks better in odd numbers, so do color schemes. You can use two or more of the primary colors along with an accent color. For example; Grey will be my primary base color, cream and/or brown will be my secondary color, and I will add antique pink as my accent color! 
Not only do I now have my theme for the room (hot air balloons,)  but I also have my color scheme for the room! All this from my inspirational item! Not too hard so far. You still with me?


I can not stress this enough! Always choose your fabric before your paint color. There is nothing worse than having gone through all the hard work of painting your room only to find out your "favorite" fabric(s) clash with the wall color. A simple way to avoid this is to select all your fabrics before you select your paint! I happen to be lucky to have picked a fabric for my inspirational image so I was able to select a paint color from there. (I will show you an easy way to select your paint colors using your fabric later on in the post!
Upon my search, I also found a fabric that I want to use for my window treatments. (Remember up above that antique pink was going to be my accent color....well I found the perfect pink!) I also suggest when you do find the fabrics you like to ask for or purchase just a sample of the fabric. Carry it with you at all times until your project is complete so you will always have a frame of reference with you every where you go!!

If you were not so lucky to have chosen a fabric as your inspiration item, then take your inspiration item down to your local home improvement store and start picking up the paper samples of paint colors that they provide for free that compliment, copy, or coordinate with your inspirational item and take them home with you! I repeat, only take with you the paper chip samples, do not purchase any paint at this time!!


This is probably the number one question I get asked by clients all the time! They want to paint their walls, but they have no idea where to start. Well I am here to help! 
Start by taping your fabric and every single paint chip you collected to the wall. It actually helps if you have a couple samples of your fabric as well as a couple samples of each paint chip so you can tape them to different walls in the room! Paint colors will look different in your home and in your room then they do in the store. Paint will also change color depending on the time of day and the wall you have it on. That is why is helps to have numerous paint chip samples!

As you can see above, grey is not just grey. Some greys have a purple undertone, or brown, or blue or green! This is why having your fabric there to compare it to is so imperative. Now a days if your color sample is large enough, you can take it to your local home improvement store and they can match the color exactly!

 Once you have all your colors up on the wall. Try to narrow it down to your 3 or 4 favorite . Once you have the paint chip samples narrowed down, you can go to your local paint store and purchase samples of all 3 or 4 of these paint colors. They are around $4 each a sample. Just think, that the paint you don't end up choosing can be used for another craft project down the line! Don't worry about sheen or finish when purchasing these paint samples, they usually only come in one finish. You are just trying to get a larger more realistic sample on your walls! 

When you get your samples home. Again, tape your fabric to the wall and paint large (say 4" x 4") squares on the wall next to the fabric. Be sure to label the paint so you don't get the colors mixed up! Try to put the paint on as many walls as possible. 

Let the paint dry, then come back and look at it during different times of the day before making your final decision on one of them! I taped this fabric on this wall because this project that I am using this fabric for is going to go on this wall. I taped the pink fabric on the other wall with my paint samples, because this is the wall where the window treatments will hang!

By seeing all the fabrics and paint colors working together in my room. I was able to pick a paint color from there. (I say I, but I really mean we, have to get the husbands vote on it too!) And this is the color that we have come up with for the main paint color for our baby girls nursery!
(Zero VOC-Interior Paint of course!)

You can continue this process to add subsequential paint colors to the room as well!

Some of the topics I will be discussing in upcoming posts are:
  • Decor/Accessories
  • Artwork
  • Room to Grow
  • Nursing Stations
  • Sanitation Stations
  • Organization
So until then, I hope you have found these first few tips helpful in getting you started. 
Until next time, enjoy some of these other inspirational nurseries I found that work off of the color scheme I am going for!


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11 comments: said...

I am constantly amazed and appreciative of color. (right now I want to paint my bedroom, but I just did less than 6 mos. ago.)

Ashley said...

What a great how to!! I decided to paint my whole house (main areas) and moved the paint around in the living and dining room to see how they would change. I purchased the paint and started painting a hallway that I had completely forgot about and I was SURE that the store gave me the wrong paint. It ended up drying a beautiful color, even in the hallway. But I was definitely amazed at how much it can change. Great tips, thanks!!

Full Circle Creations said...

I love that hot air balloon fabric! It's great for a nursery. Thanks for linking up at the All Star Block Party.


Tauni said...

Love that hot air balloon print. Lovely! This is going to be such a great nursery.

xoxo, Tauni

Partycraft Secrets said...

Beautiful color combination!

Jessi W said...

That hot air balloon fabric is great, and I can't wait to see how that nursery turns out! Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

Buffi Neal said...

I love the nursery, good luck with the last months of your pregnancy (:
New follower from the Blog Hop
My Wonderfully Dysfunctional Blog

Peggy~PJH Designs said...

What a wonderful tutorial and how timely as my daughter is having another baby. I've given you the "Versatile Blogger" award. Please stop by and see what it is all about.

Anonymous said...

A lot of great information... Very interesting I'll have to refer back to this... as it can be used for just about any room ... I really like this...
Thanks so very much for sharing this at the ALL STARS BLOCK PARTY!!!

I pinned this to Pinterest =)


Rachel said...

These are such great tips! Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

Poppy said...

The hot air balloon fabric is so pretty and is perfect for a nursery! Loving the paint color as well. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips and for visiting my decoupaged pots:)Wishing you all the best in your last trimester. Have a wonderful week!~Poppy

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