This week I wanted to show you how to take the DIY Wine Bottle Centerpiece I made for Halloween and show you how you can adapt it for your T...


This week I wanted to show you how to take the DIY Wine Bottle Centerpiece I made for Halloween and show you how you can adapt it for your Thanksgiving table-scape! Since we already have the main piece completed, this project is a snap and is sure to be "The Center of Attention" at your Thanksgiving dinner!

I started with my unadorned Wine Bottle Centerpiece.

 I added some faux mini pumpkins, pomegranates, dried berries, faux leaves and some pine cones. I found all these items at a local craft store. (The best time to buy Holiday items is after the holiday.) I purchased these items last year and they were 50% off. Since I live in Arizona, I had to purchase the faux items. To save you even more money, if you live in a colder climate, you could add the pine cones and leaves from your own back yard! I also added two amber colored votive holders on either side of my center piece. (If you recall from the Halloween Centerpiece, these are where the "Hand" votive holders were!) Once you arrange these items on your Centerpiece to your liking, you have a new and improved Thanksgiving version of your Wine Bottle Center piece. 
WARNING: As always, be aware of where you place these items around an open flame to avoid a fire hazard!!

Now this alone would make a lovely Centerpiece, but we want to really WOW our guests. So I added a little more! I took an gold table cloth I purchased from the dollar store and folded it into thirds to create a table runner. I like to fold the ends under so that my 17 month old son does not pull the whole thing down on himself! A good tip if you have little fingers around your home! Then I added these wonderful twig and berry pumpkins on either side of my Centerpiece. This gives a nice grounding effect and helps to elongate the table-scape. 

Next I added some existing hurricane candle holders. I placed them on either ends of my table runner, being careful to not put them too close to the edge! I like to place votive candle holders inside of these so that I can replace the candles with ease and not have to worry about scrapping wax out of them every time I want to put in a new candle. I found these wonderful little plastic acorns that are in fall colors at a local craft store. I placed them inside the hurricanes and then placed the clear votives on top of them. When the candles are lit these little acorns really light up and are a fun, beautiful, and unique way to add color to our Thanksgiving theme. Once all the items are placed on my table runner, I sprinkled the faux leaves around to give it that just fallen leave feel. We don't get many fall leaves here in Arizona where I am located, so I spread these leaves all over my house!

 Your Thanksgiving table-scape is now complete. You are now ready to gather around with loved ones to give thanks!

**Be sure to save all your items so you can use them again next year. If you want to add or replace some items, make sure you donate your old items and don't throw them away. Someone else would love to purchase them for their table too!

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Chrissy said...

What a great centerpiece. I have a collection of wine bottles that I thought about doing this with. Thanks for the inspiration.
Visiting from the Newbie Party and am now a follower.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing piece! I love it! ;)

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