My Master Bedroom is a size where I am fortunate enough to have a nice sitting area. I knew I wanted an animal themed side table but...


My Master Bedroom is a size where I am fortunate enough to have a nice sitting area. I knew I wanted an animal themed side table but they are hard to come by (well...for a reasonable amount anyways.) It also had to be a certain height because the Klismos inspired upholstered chairs I already had were quite low. So instead of just putting some mediocre table there I waited and waited until I found the perfect piece! Well here it is, however, it is not exactly perfect. For one, it is a plant stand and two, it does not go with my black, cream, and red color scheme. No biggie, it was the exact style I needed!! (TIDBIT: These tables can run anywhere between $150 and $250 dollars. I found this piece for $39.99.)

After much consideration, I decided that I also wanted a large sized ornate mirror to reflect light in the room and balance the sitting area. I wanted something silver to really stand out from the black wall I painted to create a great contrast. I found a mirror that the style was great to match my Damask comforter, but it's not exactly the color I was hoping for. (TIDBIT: Generally mirrors of this size range from about $250 and up! I found this mirror for about $22.00)

It was time to get started. I started with the mirror. First thing I did was take newspaper and place numerous pieces overlapping each other over the mirrored glass portion of the mirror. I made sure to slide it between the frame and mirror to ensure no paint would get on the mirrored glass. I then bought the silver spray paint I wanted (about $5) and also a Can gun spray can handle. They are about $2 and you can find them at any hardware store. They slip right over the can sprayer and help to give an even coat of paint and help to reduce drip marks. I started to spray the mirror. I gave it a light coat. I even allowed a little bit of the gold undercoat to show through. This gave it a more vintage look. I let it dry and removed the paper. I did not put a clear coat or lacquer coat over this finished product as this mirror is not in a highly trafficked area where It would possibly chip.

For the plant stand, I took a red I was trying to match from one of my pillow and matched it up as close as I could to the spray paint. I also bought a lacquer to spray over the finished product as well. This piece will most likely be handled more than the mirror so I thought better to be safe than sorry. I clean the elephant off with a damp rag and let it dry. I then spray painted it using my red paint and can gun spray handle. I was sure to place a cover underneath to keep paint off of my painting surface. Also, be sure to paint in a highly ventilated area. I gave the elephant about 2 or 3 coats of paint, making sure to get into every nook and cranny. Once it was dry, I brought it in to add some shadowing and some highlighting with acrylic paint I had on hand and a small paintbrush. This added some depth and dimension to the piece and helped bring out its details. Once all the paint was dry, I took it back outside and gave it a good once over with my lacquer.

It was time to put the glass on it and get these amazing pieces in the room! I called a local glass and window company and asked it they cut glass. I requested a 20" diameter cut glass. They even delivered it to my house. It was about $50. So when all was said and done my mirror cost about $27 and my elephant themed side table cost about $99. They both look amazing and I can guarantee no one else has these exact piece in their home. They are ONE OF A KIND!!


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Decorating the Ville said...

Very nice! Love the mirror against the dark wall. Visiting from Funky Junk...

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

Gorgeous! Amazing job :)


The Johnson Familia said...

I am obsessed with the mirror and yes, you got it at a steal! great work! I just found your blog and am going back through lots of your posts! :)

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