I have always dreamed that one day I would own a mirrored piece of furniture. I never thought that dream would come true. Most mirrored furn...


I have always dreamed that one day I would own a mirrored piece of furniture. I never thought that dream would come true. Most mirrored furniture pieces are very expensive! I have seen pieces such as mirrored side tables run from $200 to mirrored armoires for $2,000. (like this one pictured below.)

Just because I want something doesn't mean I just run out there and buy it. I like to hunt. I like to search the consignment stores, antique stores, flea markets, yard sales, you name it, to see what is out there. Well one day I happened to visit a consignment store in Cave Creek, AZ called the Lazy Lizard. They had some cute chairs outside, so I went inside to see what more they had to offer. It is not a huge store. But they have quite a bit of stuff in there. I was browsing the aisles when I came around the corner and there it was! A mirrored armoire just like the one above....well....not exactly! It was in great condition on the outside, but the inside needed some attention. The doors were warped so they would not close. It was missing shelves and the wardrobe bar. The inside paint was also chipped a little. To the people who owned this before it was no longer of use to them, but to me, It was just what I had been looking for! One other stipulation was that they didn't offer delivery so we would have to figure out how we were going to get it home ourselves! The armoire itself was $550!! (Practically a steal!) I spent about $5 on a push latch type of hardware (pictured below) to make the doors close flush and about $20 on gas since I had to bring it home in two separate trips! Luckily the armoire is in two separate pieces.

I measured where the latch would need to go and installed one piece to the door and another piece to the inside of the armoire. All I have to do is close this side of the door first and latch it close, then close the other side and voila! I wasn't worried that the wardrobe bar was missing or shelves since I wanted to put a TV in there anyways. Below is the final result with the $575 mirrored armoire in my bedroom. With a little patience and some persistence I now have the mirrored furniture piece of my dreams! (And for about $1,500 less!)

TIDBIT: When looking for a specific piece of furniture, you can call around to local consignment or antique stores and ask if they have that particular item on their showroom floor, this will help you to save time in your search. Oftentimes, they will take down your phone number and call you if something like that should arrive in their store. 

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Scot Lossing said...

$575 is definitely a steal! I would think that buying a piece like this
And trying to fabricate the "mirrored" look would be more than $600
In mirrors alone. Plus the time cutting, sanding, and grinding to get it
To look professional would take hours! Definitely jealous you found such
A piece at that price. Impressive

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