PERFUME TRAY A Perfume Tray or Vanity Tray is a great way to display and organize your favorite perfumes. Sometimes these trays can cost...



A Perfume Tray or Vanity Tray is a great way to display and organize your favorite perfumes. Sometimes these trays can cost upwards to $100 depending on their ornateness. Below is a quick and easy way to add a beautiful and decorative Perfume tray to your boudoir dresser or bathroom counter top for less than $15! 

First what you will need: Any shaped mirror of your choice. You can find them at your local craft store. This one here was about $5. Hot glue gun, scissors, a pair of tweezers and beads of your choice. I chose to use stranded beads because they are much easier to handle when gluing them on. These set of beads came with 3 strands each. I purchased them both for $8. Be sure to measure all sides of your mirror so you know how many beads or how long of strand of beads you will need. It is also helpful to lay a towel down or something over your surface to keep the glue from getting everywhere. The hot glue gun stand is also helpful as well. It can also be purchased at any craft supply store. 

Next you want to begin by making sure the glass is clean. It will get dirty while you are gluing, but you want to make sure that where you are gluing is clean. I started by putting a small bead on the glass and adhering my first bead to the glass. As I went along, I started to put the glue on the bead, then turn it over and stick in on the glass. This gave me more control over the placement. Once you reach the end of your strand, you may need to cut some of the beads off to match them up to your next set of bead strands. If you do have to do this, carefully glue the end of one set of beads to the beginning of the next set of beads. This will help to ensure the connection stays put! CAUTION!!! HOT GLUE IS HOT!! YOU MAY BURN YOURSELF IF NOT CAREFUL! ;)

Once you have glued your beads all the way around, clean the glass and you can now adorn it with your favorite perfume bottles!!  


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Scot Lossing said...

Saw that your using hot glue. Was wondering what color it dried.
Would be great if it dried clear, but I often find that it dries cloudy.
The "stick" looked pretty translucent to start with so was hoping it
dried that way too.

Jen Lossing, The Consigner Designer said...

Hi Scot,
Thanks for your comment. The glue did dry slightly cloudy but not noticeable. I believe that was because I was using clear beads as well, the glue simply blended with the beads and the glass.

Junky Vagabond said...

Very pretty!

Amy said...

Great idea! Love the way this turned out.

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